First we come up with main topics for the money article. Based on what the site is already ranking for, these are:

  • Wah pedal
  • Synth pedal
  • Multi effect pedal
  • Flanger pedal
  • Equalizer & octave pedal
  • distortion bassĀ 
  • Compressor pedal
  • Chorus pedal

Then we figure out the length we need. According to Charles Floate, we look up a couple of top ranking pages and match/beat their length.

Given we have done that, the next step we do is agree on the amount of content we order. For example, if we say each page is 2k words, then we need 16k words for money articles. Alternatively, we can start with half of that and make the first order 10k words (there is already about 5k words on the existing articles).

Then we do keyword research for each money page. We use existing ranking keywords plus what competitors already rank for. We target 1-3k keywords.

Finally we place the order on the content for money pages.

Other than that we need supporting pages. For these we could order cheaper content. We could use fiverr or iwriter to buy $7-10/1000 words content (if you think it’s going to be good enough).

For supporting pages we use informational keywords and can go with even lower search.


Once we have content up, I’ll do the on-page and you’ll make sure I’m doing everything right. I’ll need to run a basic checklist for every page. Also make sure search console, sitemap is set up correct and some other nuances I may not be aware of.


I think we need to review the current links. Then we need to plan ahead on what links we go for.

More specifically:

  • what links we choose as main (pbns, guest posts, outreach)
  • what links and how many we go for diversification (blog/forum comments, submissions, maybe other types I don’t know about)
  • we need to create social profiles


We need to create a spreadsheet to keep all data for the site:

  • expences
  • links
  • keywords/pages
  • tracking anchor text ratio
  • etc

Create asana project to track tasks.

Add main keywords to some tracking tool.



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